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We believe in ensuring that authors can get their own copies ready for print easy and superfast. That’s why we have an AT PRINT COST charter.


This means that you don’t pay anything additional for your titles. What YOU pay to print your book is what it COSTS – hands down. So the only other costs that you do pay is Shipping and Handling.


This puts you at the distinct advantage of getting volume discounts that you would otherwise not have access to – UNLESS you were printing thousands of copies.


This is a big bonus for indie authors and small publishers that want to get better margins on book sales and offer better discounts to smaller books stores and even larger book chains and big box retail stores.


You will receive a LIFETIME DISCOUNT CODE for each title that can be used for ONLY that title.



Just fill out the form below and list all of your ISBNS. Note you must be a Speedy Publishing Member to access this benefit.



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