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Speedy Publishing LLC offers the unique service of “one click distribution”. You can add your book in two ways. We are authors and self-publishers just like you and know that book discovery is essential to success. However before Book Discovery there must be excellent distribution. Using our Print on Demand Services we can get your book from obscurity to mass distribution – to Book Stores, Online Retailers and Non-Book Store Traditional Resellers.


Your title will be distributed to over 20,000 in print book retailers such as Amazon.Com, Barnes and Noble, Bertrams UK, Waterstones UK, Books A Million and other large chains across the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Adding your book to our catalog is a simple 3 Step Process:


Step 1: Fill Out The Submission Form with the Book Information


Step 2: Submit your Manuscript and Cover Art To Specification. (Our team will work with you to get these up to print on demand specification – free of charge)


Step 3: Set Your Price. We don’t set pricing restrictions on your books and we definitely don’t sell your titles way above market prices, in fact you determine your own price.


That’s it!

Add more sales fire power to your titles and forget the hassle holding inventory. Use the power of Print on Demand and Pricing to drive Book Discovery and Sales.


Begin by Taking Step 1 Below


(Once you have completed the form below – a Publishing Consultant will be in touch with you to complete the process)

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