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about us

Speedy Publishing LLC is a hybrid book publishing company that is geared towards giving authors and writers the power to build their brand, market and distribute their content just the way they want.


Our bookstore features books from our authors. We provide great quality books at the lowest prices with easy one click ordering along with seamless integration with your favorite social media sites.


Colin Scott CEO and founder of Speedy Publishing LLC created the company with one goal in mind – to bridge the gap between good quality content, book distribution and an awesome reading experience. Coordination of all three while not impossible, cannot be done successfully by just one person. A book can never truly reach its full potential if it’s hidden on a shelf and readers never hear its title.


Our Mission

To provide our readers with the most inspiring, educational, entertaining and informative books that lead to life-enriching reading experiences.

Our Vision

Making Connections and Creating Awesome Reading Experiences.


Our Promise

To add a little joy to our readers’ day each and every time they pick up a title from us.


Our Beliefs

Customer Engagement: We exist to add joy to our customers’ lives – when they interact with us and when they read books written our authors.


Customer Joy: Each and every person in the company should understand how his or her work contributes to the creation of joyful customer moments.


Respect: We owe to each other, irrespective of role or position, the same level of respect and caring as we would show to a valued friend.


Teamwork: We have a responsibility to create an environment where each individual is inspired to perform to the best of his or her ability.


Passion: Passion creativity and innovation are the keys to sustainable growth and profitability. Each individual working at Indigo should reflect this in his or her work. Our role, as a company, is to encourage and reward the demonstration of these attributes.


Community: We have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which we operate.


Readers Buying Experience

Paying for your books is easy with PayPal, Credit Cards and Amazon Payments. Offering you a better buying experience. Read reviews and pick up bundled deals so that you earn massive savings.


We Keep You Notified

When you buy a book from the Speedy Book Store you will stay notified of more popular books by the same Speedy Author along with other great titles in the same genre, you now have the chance to get really great reads that will help you along your way in making sure that your reading experience is a pleasant one.


Earn While You Read

Our affiliate program gives you the perfect opportunity to recommend books to your friends and if the buy, you get a 10% commission on all sales, this is simple straight forward and easy and you are automatically an affiliate the minute you make your first purchase!


The Last Word!

Our authors are very involved in the book publishing process and more importantly are focused on creating entertaining and high quality content for to readers.